Scaling & Root Planings (Deep Cleanings) in Oswego

At the treatment planning visit, your doctor or hygienist will evaluate your bone and gum levels to determine which type of cleaning you need. As bacterial plaque gets trapped in between the gums, it causes inflammation and bleeding. This is a condition known as gingivitis. If left untreated, the space in between the gums and bone - known as a periodontal pocket - increases as this bacteria hardens. When this occurs, the body generates a host-immune response that, in part, destroys tooth supporting bone. This is a disease process known as Periodontitis. Consequently, this can lead to issues such as tooth loss and infection. Periodontitis has also been linked to other systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

In order to combat this progressive bone loss, your doctor will recommend Scaling & Root Planing therapy. This will allow your dentist or dental hygienist to eliminate calcified plaque that has been entrapped deep within the gums and bone. They will also plane the tooth roots to promote a cleanable environment. This procedure typically requires local anesthesia for your comfort. After the gums have fully healed, your dentist or dental hygienist will set up a re-evaluation appointment to examine how your tissues have responded to the treatment.

Scaling & Root Planing can drastically improve the longevity of your teeth and decrease the severity of other systemic diseases that are associated with Periodontitis. If you have any questions about this treatment, your doctor would be happy to answer them.

Scaling & Root Planings (Deep Cleanings)  - Oswego Dental, Oswego Dentist

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